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“If we are to achieve true gender equality, we need to tackle everything that contributes to the discrimination & marginalization of women – including menstruation.” -- DSG @AminaJMohammed via @cnni #AsEquals

"Being here with you today is a reminder that the next Mandela, or the next Malala, might be a lot closer than we think." – @MelindaGates at #Goalkeepers18

NEW BLOG: With success stories, renewed commitments and more, FP2020 commitment-makers are showing significant progress in their fulfillment goals. Read more here: https://t.co/z81Wflsmr0 #FP2020Progress

Let Jenifer and Tom teach you a little about #gender , #genderstereotypes and what #LGBTQ stands for. Learn the basics with #ReMIXAnswers https://t.co/7iWWSCER99

You’re our #WCW, @IbtihajMuhammad! Thank you for your dedication and being an inspiration to women & girls all around the world #WheresTheFP

We love the ring & all other forms of #contraception allowing millions to plan & space #pregnancies . How #empowering is that?! #WheresTheFP

Access to #familyplanning helps women and girls go further in the education, work, and life! That's why we ask #WheresTheFP

"The first thing I would say to a young person who wants to be a good advocate is that they should focus on what interests them the most in the #SRHR field." https://t.co/CHsUpaeymu #FPVoices #familyplanning

A whole-of-system approach is required to unleash the power of women & girls & enable them to transform their lives & change the world.” https://t.co/7xA5oN553A @pathfinderint @devex
#ByHerSide #SRHRinUHC #primaryhealthcare #astana2018

NEW! Read about the progress of FP2020’s commitment-making countries and the new steps they have taken to tackle #familyplanning issues with sustainable solutions: https://t.co/z81Wflsmr0 #FP2020Progress

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