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“It is evident to me that women will never get ahead, never realize their goals, and never attain the futures they want and deserve without policies and systems that honor their #SRHR.” – Ruth Katz, new board member of EngenderHealth. https://t.co/68sDHgeLlG @AspenInstitute

Pakistan to open 1,016 gender-based violence courts across the country! https://t.co/vuThvT0NJX 👏🏻 👏🏽 👏🏾 👏🏿 #GBV

Today, we transitioned our successful maternal & reproductive health program in Tanzania back to its govt - one of our key partners from the start. Congrats to all our partners & the govt, who has committed to sustain & scale this model across the country. https://t.co/vBvMoO50fA

"Far from controlling women’s #reproduction, we need to promote their reproductive freedom. We’ve made strides in expanding access to #familyplanning and reproductive health care, but too many girls and women are still left behind." #SRHR https://t.co/jqcfMnheMw

#PRESSRELEASE: Four leaders in the fields of #publichealth and #financial management - Fatimata Sy, Juan Carlos Negrette, Ruby Aggarwal, Ruth J. Katz - have joined EngenderHealth’s Board of Directors. https://t.co/68sDHgeLlG

Updates and Live Streaming click here https://t.co/ZoS9zfTl1Z


@ThaminiUhai @MikeBloomberg @BloombergDotOrg @EngenderHealth @MariaSTsehai

A panel of our collaborators @ThaminiUhai @EngenderHealth @CDCgov & the Government of Tanzania discussing locally-developed solutions to local challenges, the value of rigorous data collection, and the importance of partnerships. #MamaNaMtotoKigoma 🇹🇿

The govt of Tanzania thanked @BloombergDotOrg and implementors @ThaminiUhai @EngenderHealth for incredible maternal and repro health outcomes, is fully committed to sustainability & is scaling the model in other parts of the country. #MamaNaMtotoKigoma

A win for girls' rights in India! Girls under 18 will now be able to report their husbands for #rape, as long as they lodge a complaint within a year of it happening. #GBV https://t.co/y4YEuSpN18

In many countries, married women who use a modern contraception are increasingly choosing long-acting reversible #contraceptives—namely IUDS or implants. What does contraceptive use look like where you live? Find out with our 2019 #FPData Sheet. https://t.co/qxrOHakmXJ

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