We strive for gender equality in and through sexual and reproductive health and rights programming.

EngenderHealth is a leading global health organization with decades of experience working to support individuals, communities, and healthcare systems in delivering high-quality, gender-equitable programs and services that advance sexual and reproductive health and rights in the world’s most disadvantaged and underserved communities. Over the years, we have implemented our programming in more than 100 countries. Today, with support from diverse donors and implementing partners, we work in approximately a dozen countries. Our program portfolio focuses on sexual and reproductive health and rights, maternal and obstetric care, and gender-based violence. Our work within these core impact areas reflects our strategic approaches of transforming gender norms, meaningful youth participation, and health systems strengthening.

We have a decentralized organizational structure.

EngenderHealth’s country offices are staffed by leaders, technical experts, and operations staff from the countries where our programs are implemented. Our decentralized organizational structure supports the sustainability of our interventions and impact, and ensures that our staff have both specialized expertise and a deep understanding of the local context. Our country offices include a blend of program-specific staff and global and regional technical experts in clinical quality; gender, youth, and social inclusion; and monitoring and evaluation. A small global team provides technical, operational, financial, and administrative support to our programs and partners.

We value partnership.

The most important driver of EngenderHealth’s work is recognizing and valuing public and private partnerships at every level—international, regional, national, and local. Partnerships allow us to maximize coordination, contribute knowledge, and ensure that supported activities are informed by current evidence and priorities. In particular, our programs are designed to support governments and civil society partners in implementing national priorities.