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Gender-Based Violence (GBV)

Our approach to preventing and addressing GBV encompasses engaging communities, including men and boys, to transform harmful gender norms; training healthcare providers and facilities to better deliver survivor-centered GBV services; and supporting improved multi-sectoral coordination of GBV prevention and response.

A woman sits at a table resting her chin on her hand with a pen in the other hand. Another woman sits with her back to the camera facing the first woman.

Addressing and preventing GBV, and supporting survivors, are essential to improving the health of all people. Our holistic approach centers on working with communities to address harmful gender norms, including through engaging men and boys to challenge negative notions of masculinity, promoting healthy relationships, and facilitating effective interpersonal communication and shared decision-making.

EngenderHealth also employs a comprehensive systems response to provide screenings, referrals, and health and social services, through healthcare systems and in communities. Working with healthcare systems, we help ensure screening and care are incorporated into both sexual and reproductive health and rights and maternal health services. We also work with justice and judicial systems to support survivors. Programs often include education or job training components, to support the independence of women and girls who are at risk of GBV or who are survivors.

“I became a gender, youth, and social inclusion expert because I would like to reduce the inequalities between women and men. I like working with people to strengthen their leadership and entrepreneurial skills and to reduce gender-based violence within the community.”
–Mita Ouattara
Gender, Youth, and Social Inclusion Advisor, Côte d’Ivoire

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