Core Impact Areas & Strategic Approaches


Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights (SRHR)

We employ a rights-based approach that emphasizes full, free, and informed choice regarding all aspects of sexuality and reproduction. This includes expanding access to information and services related to contraception, safe abortion and postabortion care, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, cervical cancer, and more. We fully support access to high-quality comprehensive abortion care and are committed to expanding abortion rights, equity and access for a gender-equal world.  

Gender-Based Violence (GBV)

Our approach to preventing and addressing GBV encompasses engaging communities, including men and boys, to transform harmful gender norms; training healthcare providers and facilities to better deliver GBV services; and supporting improved multi-sectoral coordination of GBV prevention and response.

Maternal & Obstetric Care

We apply a patient-centered approach to our programs and focus on enabling facilities and providers to offer high-quality maternal healthcare, including antenatal care, essential and emergency obstetric care, fistula care, safe surgery, and postnatal care. 


Health Systems Strengthening

We work with partners to build equitable health systems and achieve goals related to universal health coverage, including improving the availability, accessibility, acceptability, and quality of services; advancing research and innovation; and promoting sustainability.

Meaningful Youth Participation

Our approach to context-specific, youth-centered programming expands access to age-appropriate information on SRHR; engages communities to create an enabling environment for improving young people’s sexual and reproductive health; advocates for supportive laws and policies; and engages young people in all phases of programming.

Transforming Gender Norms

We integrate gender-equitable approaches to ensure that all people can make informed choices and to transform gender norms and power dynamics that limit access to healthcare and impede rights.