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Hormonal IUD Roll Out and Scale Up in Nigeria

| 2023–2024
With support from the Clinton Health Access Initiative, this program aims to increase access to and provision of hormonal intrauterine device services in public health facilities in Nigeria.

Through the Hormonal Intrauterine Device (IUD) Roll Out and Scale Up program, EngenderHealth provides technical assistance to Nigerian public health facilities across Bauchi and Sokoto states to improve their ability to offer high-quality hormonal IUD services. Funded by the Clinton Health Access Initiative’s Catalytic Opportunity Fund, this program strengthens the capacity of national- and regional-level trainers to provide instruction to healthcare workers on hormonal IUD service provision, and it enhances the readiness of public health facilities to offer those services.

According to FP2030, in 2022, the modern contraceptive prevalence rate in Nigeria for all women was 12.9% as of 2022, and 5.7% of women had selected an IUD as their method of choice. The unmet modern contraceptive prevalence rate for all women in Nigeria is 18.4%.

EngenderHealth is working with local and national partners to strengthen health systems and expand access to contraceptive choices to all clients in Nigeria—facilitating access to this highly effective contraception (IUD) method is vital to our mission. When women have access to safe, effective, and affordable contraceptive care, we move closer to a gender-equal world where all people achieve their sexual and reproductive health and rights.

In Nigeria, we anticipate training 270 healthcare workers across the Bauchi and Sokoto states in HIUD insertion, management, and removal. This training will result in 100% of supported secondary healthcare facilities having trained health workers on staff and 21% of primary healthcare facilities having trained nurses and midwives. We provide follow-up coaching and distribution of printed job aid materials to ensure the success and sustainability of the program. Further, we offer demand-generation activities, such as printing information, education, and communication materials and banners for display in supported clinics. We also leverage existing media platforms to conduct social marketing on IUDs and integrate messaging with various community engagement activities. Our work includes advocating for the IUD budget line items in both Bauchi and Sokoto states.

Program Partners

  • Federal Ministry of Health
  • Bauchi State Ministry of Health
  • Sokoto State Ministry of Health
  • Bauchi State Primary Health Development Agency
  • Sokoto State Primary Health Development Agency
  • Bauchi State Hospital Management Board
  • Sokoto State Hospital Services Management Board