Research Findings

Over the past two decades, EngenderHealth has carried out more than 500 studies worldwide and we have routinely documented, disseminated, and presented our evidence at national and international conferences. Studies include qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methodologies as well as program evaluations, literature reviews, and operations and clinical research. These studies draw on international best practices in measurement, as well as new and innovative tools and methodologies developed by EngenderHealth. Our evidence is used to inform the global learning agenda, monitor our progress, and influence programmatic decisions.   

EngenderHealth’s evidence has informed our core impact areas as follows: 

Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights (SRHR)

EngenderHealth’s SRHR-related research has been extensive and far-reaching, comprising over 125 studies in 25 countries over the past decade. We have conducted research at the health system, facility, provider, and community levels with topics including assessments of the quality of existing services and barriers to care; pilot tests of communications campaigns; evaluations of the effectiveness of clinical and programmatic interventions; assessments of EngenderHealth’s models and tools; and many others. Many of these topics focused on contraceptive care and high-quality services. 

Maternal & Obstetric Care

EngenderHealth has conducted a vast array of studies and evaluations related to maternal, newborn, and child health across Africa and Asia. The studies cover a wide variety of technical areas at various levels of the health system and the community, ranging from cervical cancer screening to fistula care to emergency obstetric and newborn care. Our research has included literature reviews, needs assessments, facility assessments, outcome evaluations, as well as clinical studies, including randomized controlled trials. 

Gender-Based Violence (GBV)

EngenderHealth’s research efforts related to gender have included multiple studies and evaluations focused on assessing the effectiveness of programs designed to prevent gender-based violence and HIV and AIDS, as well as on promoting male involvement in GBV and HIV services and in SRHR more broadly. In addition to many operational research studies, we have implemented several outcome evaluations related to our award-winning Men As Partners approach.

Journal Articles Published in 2021

Since 2018, EngenderHealth has published over 45 articles and papers in a variety of renowned journals. EngenderHealth’s journal articles publications from 2021 are listed below. All EngenderHealth journal articles since 2018 are available through our Technical Publications & Resources database. For articles published prior to 2018, please contact us.

“Community-Level Spillover Effects of an Intervention to Prevent Intimate Partner Violence and HIV Transmission in Rural Ethiopia” BMJ Global Health (January 2021)

“Diversity and Solidarity in Global Health” The Lancet Global Health (February 2021)

“Development of an International Sexual and Reproductive Health Survey Instrument: Results from a Pilot WHO/HRP Consultative Delphi Process” Sexually Transmitted Infections (April 2021)

“Measuring Barriers to Fistula Care: Investigating Composite Measures for Targeted Fistula Programming in Nigeria and Uganda.” BMC Women’s Health (April 2021)

“Factors Associated with Contraceptive Use in Sub-Saharan Africa” Journal of Women’s Health (June 2021)

“Understanding Factors Associated with Continuation of Intrauterine Device Use in Gujarat and Rajasthan, India: A Cross-Sectional Household Study” Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters (June 2021)

“Clients’ Perceptions of the Quality of Post-Abortion Care in Eight Health Facilities in Dakar, Senegal” Journal of Biosocial Science (July 2021)

“The Triple Burden of Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases and Injuries on Sex Differences in Life Expectancy in Ethiopia” International Journal for Equity in Health (August 2021)

“Letter to the Editor of the Journal of Adolescent Health” Journal of Adolescent Health (September 2021)

“Social Immersion for Women After Repair for Obstetric Fistula: An Experience in Guinea” Frontiers in Global Women’s Health (September 2021)

“Understanding the Financial Burden of Incomplete Abortion: An Analysis of the Out-of-Pocket Expenditure on Postabortion Care in Eight Public-Sector Health Care Facilities in Dakar, Senegal” Global Public Health (September 2021)

“Community Health Workers at the Dawn Of A New Era: 6. Recruitment, Training, and Continuing Education” Health Research Policy and Systems (October 2021)

“Post-abortion Fertility Desires, Contraceptive Uptake and Unmet Need for Family Planning: Voices of Post-abortion Care Clients in Tanzania” Journal of Biosocial Science (November 2021)