Mission, Vision, Theory of Change & Values


To implement high-quality, gender-equitable programs that advance sexual and reproductive health and rights.


A gender-equal world where all people achieve their sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Theory of Change

Our theory of change holds that if all people are empowered and engaged; and if they live in supportive communities where systems and institutions provide high-quality, gender-equitable sexual and reproductive healthcare; and if policies, laws, and processes are supportive; then they will exercise their rights to gender-equitable sexual and reproductive health services and participate as equal members of society.


EngenderHealth is guided by, and prioritizes living into, our five core values: reflection, inclusion, integrity, respect, and transformation.

Reflection: We question, challenge, learn, and adapt.

Inclusion: We are committed to equality, justice, and leaving no one behind.

Integrity: We are principled and honest, and we walk our talk.

Respect: We value the wisdom and agency of our collaborators and appreciate our differences.

Transformation: We seek bold new ideas and opportunities to innovate for progress.