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About Us

We are proud to work with @SweinEthiopia and other partner organizations to advance sexual and reproductive health and rights for adolescents and youth in Ethiopia.

#SRHR #FP #EndChildMarriage

With the #GenerationEquality Action Coalitions, @UN_Women is putting the rights, needs & experiences of adolescent girls & young women at the center of the agenda, with #GBV and #SRHR as key focus areas.

#GenderEquality #WomensRightsAreHumanRights

We stand with you.

We stand with everyone working for a more just, more equal world.


Wonderful to see @UN_Women prioritizing sexual and reproductive health and rights for the #GenerationEquality Forum!

Fabulous conversation led by @WomenDev this week in preparation for the #WomenInDev conference. I’m thrilled to be part of such an inclusive and thoughtful process and eager to continue the conversations! https://t.co/t16U7ahyUH

Thank you @WomenDev for your thoughtful, inclusive leadership. It was a pleasure to host such an incredible group!

It's time to put women's and girls' safety first.
@RESCUEorg believes that by holding organizations accountable to their commitments towards ending #GBV, we can collectively address the needs of women and girls in crises.
We agree.
#SafetyFirst #GBVzero


Thank you @MOH_Kenya for this call to action. Vaccination, screening, and treatment all need to be available as part of #UHC and comprehensive #SRHR to end deaths from #cervicalcancer. #CervicalCancerAwarenessMonth https://t.co/PPNFBy8oWj


Social media has become a new frontier to join the fight for equality and justice.

Shared power is an important aspect of #Feminism. Across our organization, we practice shared power by acknowledging our privilege, stepping back, & centering marginalized voices.🤝

#inclusive #listen #growth #twentytwenty

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of EngenderHealth ensures that the organization achieves its mission in an ethical, transparent, accountable, and prudent manner. The Board is legally and morally accountable for the financial health and systems effectiveness of the organization. The Board of Directors provides mission-based leadership and strategic governance to the organization.

EngenderHealth fosters diversity and pluralism in its Board of Directors and its staff. The Governance Committee shall include, among the considerations it takes in to account in nominating persons to be Directors, representation of a broad spectrum of national and international life.

Robert Petty Robert D. Petty
Linda Rosenstock Linda Rosenstock
Chair, Executive Committee
Rosemary Ellis Rosemary Ellis
Board Secretary
Constance Carrino Constance A. Carrino
Assistant Secretary
Andrew Sommer Andrew L. Sommer
Ruby Aggarwal Ruby Aggarwal
Denise Dunning Denise Dunning
Ryan Hawke Ryan Hawke
Ruth Katz Ruth Katz
Karen Koh Karen Koh
Juan Carlos Negrette Juan Carlos Negrette
Mark Simmonds Mark Simmonds
Fatimata Sy Fatimata Sy

Directors Emeritus
Donald J. Abrams
Lyman B. Brainerd, Jr.
Francine Coeytaux




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