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COVID-19: How We’re Responding


1/7 There are many reasons to appreciate & value
@WHO. In this thread we list 5 of our top reasons. Comment to add yours.

@GontoMichelle, Sage-femme et blogueuse nous explique comment elle protège l'accès des femmes et des filles à des services de qualité en matière de santé sexuelle et reproductive durant la pandémie de la Covid-19.
#FPinCOVIDresponse, #lesfemmesveulent, #DSSR @EngenderHealth https://t.co/Dy8hIAz4Iy

It's hard to be a frontline healthcare worker in the pandemic response. @GontoMichelle does it passion, energy and warmth -- and that smile! #fpinCOVIDresponse https://t.co/PRQscKdtt8

Interested to know how this pandemic is affecting midwives? Click here ⬇️to hear Michelle's perspective from Cote d'Ivoire! https://t.co/PsXLiKYcI2


Notre Sage Michelle Gonto Kouame a réaliser une vidéo pour parler du travail qu'elle fait à son niveau pour garantir aux femmes l'accès aux informations et aux soins dont elles ont besoin.


#FPinCOVIDresponse, @GontoMichelle, #lesfemmesveulent

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Infection Prevention

Health care workers are on the front line of protecting themselves and their clients from infectious diseases that may be transmitted during the provision of clinical services. Fortunately, health care staff can perform safe and simple procedures to minimize risk and the spread of infections—practices that can be integrated at minimal cost into the routine workday at clinics and hospitals around the world.

Infection Prevention: A Reference Booklet for Health Care Providers is a quick desk reference on important infection prevention (IP) topics: handwashing, gloving, aseptic technique, use and disposal of sharps, instrument processing, housekeeping, and waste disposal. Designed for use by a wide range of health care workers in low-resource settings, this comprehensive booklet introduces the importance of good IP practices and provides step-by-step instructions for performing critical IP procedures.

Download the full publication in English (PDF, 900KB) and French (PDF, 1.8MB).

Also available for download are a set of six infection prevention wall posters, in English (PDF, 641KB) and French (PDF, 667KB).

The booklet was derived from EngenderHealth’s Infection Prevention Curriculum: A Training Course for Health Care Providers and Other Staff of Hospitals and Clinics (currently unavailable). Related materials include Infection Prevention Practices in Emergency Obstetric Care.

Note: The previous edition of the Infection Prevention Reference Booklet was also produced in Spanish; the current edition will not be. Anyone interested in receiving the Spanish-language version of the earlier edition should contact EngenderHealth directly.

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