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West, Central, Southern, and East Africa
| 2021-2022
The Transforming INGO Models for Equity for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (TIME for SRHR) initiative aims to explore international nongovernmental organizations' (INGOs) roles in our global ecosystem. It also seeks to understand the impact of our current operational models and to outline future operational models that will best support our principles of equity and justice and our goal of advancing global health.


The field of global health is changing. There are increasing calls to shift resources to local decision-makers living in impacted communities, as well as national and international reckonings with racial injustice and changes in the implementing and funding ecosystems. Throughout, INGOs working in sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) have been considering their histories, assessing their current operating models, and adapting and contributing to the evolution of the sector. 

This initiative brings together a coalition of stakeholders to better understand the impact of how SRHR INGOs currently work and how to collaborate best to build operating models that create and support equity. This initiative will include the voices and perspectives of key individuals, organizations, networks, and donors from the community, national, and regional levels within Africa. This initial focus on Africa recognizes the value of having a focused scope, donor funding priorities, and that many SRHR INGOs have significant footprints and histories working in the region.

Stakeholder Mapping Survey Questionnaire

The TIME initiative aims to identify and share practical ways to transform INGO models for equity, while prioritizing the process of co-creation and cross-sector collaboration. As part of the process of achieving this, we are undertaking a Stakeholders’ mapping exercise to facilitate the process of diversity and inclusion in the co-creation and cross-sector collaboration required to address inequitable relations in the SRHR field. In addition to sampling respondents for interviews, the Stakeholders’ mapping will be used to identify and engage with a diversity of stakeholders that will form the Advisory Council whose responsibility will include guiding and championing the initiative. The questionnaire is available in English and French.

First phase

The first phase of this initiative centers on establishing a baseline of how SRHR INGOs work at present and establishing shared principles for equity and impact. This will involve developing a report on the history and current state of SRHR INGOs in Africa and a set of objectives for later stages of work. Throughout this phase, the initiative will take a co-creation approach, bringing together an Advisory Council that gathers representative perspectives to guide and champion the work of TIME. A report for this design and planning phase is due for release in fall 2022.

Subsequent phases of the project will bring community, national, and regional organizations, as well as other key stakeholders together in a co-designed process to explore the future roles and potential operating models of INGOs.

Catalyzing Organizations

Advisory Council

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