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Maternal & Obstetric Care

We apply a patient-centered approach to our programs and focus on enabling facilities and providers to offer high-quality maternal healthcare, including antenatal care, essential and emergency obstetric care, fistula prevention and treatment, safe surgical obstetric care, and postnatal care. We also increase patients’ access to information and care.

A woman gives medicine to a small baby.

EngenderHealth’s maternal health programs are designed to promote safe pregnancy and childbirth and to manage and treat obstetric complications. Ensuring the availability of and access to high-quality services helps pave the way for appropriate, specialized care during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and the postnatal period.

A woman holds a small baby.

Our patient-centered approach to maternal health addresses women’s sexual and reproductive health needs throughout their lives, including during adolescence. For many women, pregnancy marks their first contact with the healthcare system. Therefore, high-quality maternal and obstetric care are important for making pregnancy and delivery safer for mother and child and for addressing broader aspects of health, including contraceptive care and other sexual and reproductive health services.

Our work in maternal and obstetric care is informed by more than 15 years of experience leading programs to prevent and treat fistula through our USAID-funded Fistula Care and Fistula Care Plus programs, and now through MOMENTUM Safe Surgery in Family Planning and Obstetrics.

“This is the field I have always wanted to work in given that it has a significant impact on the health of the individual, family, and population and on equity, economics, and the environment.”
–Ominde Japheth Achola
Regional Clinical Quality Advisor, Kenya

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