Traci L. Baird on the Women In Dev Blog: Facilitating Women’s Professional Success

Traci Baird - Women-in-Dev

EngenderHealth President & CEO, Traci L. Baird, is featured today on the Women In Dev blog. In a video, she shares these thoughts:

“I’ve worked my whole career on global health issues that largely affect women – like abortion – and perhaps because of this I’ve always worked with a lot of women and with strong women leaders. My female mentors have supported me both professionally and personally, and helped normalize female success and leadership. When I look more broadly at the field of global health, I recognize that we do not see gender equality at the leadership level in the sector.”

She goes on to write that the problem of gender inequality in global health leadership is “clearly within our collective power to overcome,” explaining why she looks forward to the Women in Dev conference, to be held March 5 in London, “as an opportunity for women to connect, mentor each other, learn from one another, and work collectively to improve systems and better facilitate women’s success at all levels.”

Read the full piece here.