Reviews of Evidence and Tools in Support of Rights-Based Family Planning Framework Now Available

EngenderHealth and Futures Group recently published a new framework, Voluntary Family Planning Programs that Respect, Protect, and Fulfill Human Rights: A Conceptual Framework, which offers a holistic approach to realizing human rights as a part of voluntary, high-quality family planning (FP) services. The framework’s linkage of FP and human rights was informed and supported by systematic reviews of supporting evidence and available tools. The results of these reviews are now available in two companion papers:

These auxiliary papers identify key gaps in rights-based FP research, evidence, and available resources, including the need for tools that explicitly address empowering clients and protecting their rights. As rights-based FP continues to be defined and advanced by the FP2020’s Rights & Empowerment Working Group and other bodies, additional work is needed to articulate how rights can be fully integrated in the assessment, design, implementation, and monitoring of FP programs. These reviews can guide the development of a research agenda and new tools.

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