EngenderHealth to Take Part in International Association for Adolescent Health’s 12th World Congress on Adolescent Health

WASHINGTON (November 17, 2021) — EngenderHealth—a global health organization committed to advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and gender equality—will join healthcare workers, policymakers, researchers, scientists, and youth from around the world for the 12th World Congress on Adolescent Health held online November 18–21, 2021.

Hosted by the International Association for Adolescent Health, this year’s conference focuses on “Meeting the Challenge of Global Change,” emphasizing the need for “new responses, different actors, and wider alliances” to counter the forces negatively affecting adolescent health worldwide. EngenderHealth has been selected to deliver six poster presentations at the conference, reflecting the organization’s role as a leader in youth-centered SRHR programming.

“Adolescents are more than the future—they are a positive force in the world today and better positioned than anyone to lead in creating solutions to address their needs. EngenderHealth is committed to meaningfully engaging young people in our work on sexual and reproductive health and rights and toward our goal of gender equality,” said President and CEO Traci L. Baird. “It has been an inspiring and informative journey for us, and our team is eager to share our program experiences and impact and to learn from other congress participants.”

EngenderHealth staff will present virtually on our diverse experience working with young people on topics including expanding access to contraceptive services in Ethiopia, increasing access to SRHR information in India, and supporting youth to improve SRHR in West and Central Africa. The presentations will highlight project and research results, lessons learned, and recommendations for future initiatives.

Attendees are invited to watch EngenderHealth’s presentations on the conference’s virtual platform November 19–21.

EngenderHealth Presentation Schedule

Friday, November 19, 6-8 pm Peru Time (PET)/Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Saturday, November 20, 1-3 pm PET/EST

Sunday, November 21, 1-2:30 pm PET/EST

About EngenderHealth

EngenderHealth envisions a gender-equal world where all people achieve their sexual and reproductive health and rights. To achieve this vision, EngenderHealth implements high-quality, gender-equitable programs that advance sexual and reproductive health and rights. All of our work is guided by five core values—reflection: we question, challenge, learn, and adapt; inclusion: we are committed to equality, justice, and leaving no one behind; integrity: we are principled and honest, and we walk our talk; respect: we value the wisdom and agency of our collaborators, and appreciate our differences; and transformation: we seek bold ideas and opportunities to innovate for progress.