EngenderHealth at Women Deliver

Tuesday, May 28

2:45 pm–4:15 pm

Denied Choice: From Stock-outs to Forced Sterilization—Ensuring a Woman’s Right to Informed and Voluntary Contraceptive Choice

Room 307

From stock-outs to forced sterilisation, women face subtle and overt barriers to realising their contraceptive choice and rights. From the perspective of a health provider, human rights advocate, and donor, this panel will examine what it will take to ensure women’s access to contraceptive services that respect, protect, and fulfil rights.


  • Pam Barnes, President and CEO, EngenderHealth


  • Faith Kasiva, Executive Director, African Gender and Media Initiative, Kenya
  • Yetnayet Asfaw, Country Representative, EngenderHealth/Ethiopia
  • Valerie DeFillipo, Director, Family Planning 2020 Task Team

Ending the Human Rights Atrocity of Obstetric Fistula: Progress and Perspectives from a Decade of the Campaign to End Fistula

Room 410

The year 2013 marks a decade of the Campaign to End Fistula’s work by UNFPA and partners. Thus, it represents a critical turning point and ‘golden’ opportunity in the life of the global movement to eliminate fistula. It is a time to reflect, to assess progress as well as gaps and challenges, and to redouble efforts, renew and reinvigorate commitment, and envision the way forward towards the ultimate goal.


  • Saifuddin Ahmed, Associate Professor, Department of Population, Family and Reproductive Health and Department of Biostatistics, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health


  • Vindhya Pathirana, Fistula Surgeon, Comprehensive Community-Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania (CCBRT) Hospital
  • Karen Beattie, Director, Fistula Care, EngenderHealth
  • TBC, Fistula Survivor
  • Gillian Slinger, Coordinator, Campaign to End Fistula, UNFPA

Wednesday, May 29

7:00 am–8:30 am

Scaling Up Community-Based Service Delivery of Contraceptive Implants: Successful Strategies from Bangladesh and Ethiopia

Room 306


  • John Skibiak, Director, Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition


  • Dr. Mengistu Asnake, Pathfinder International, Ethiopia
  • Dr. Yetnayet Demissie Asfaw, EngenderHealth Ethiopia
  • Dr. Mahbubur Rahman, Ministry of Health Bangladesh
  • Dr. Abu Jamil Faisel, EngenderHealth Bangladesh
  • Koen Kruytbosch, Director, Institutional Business Africa, MSD

Thursday, May 30

11:00 am–1:00 pm

Delivering Health and Rights for Women and Girls Through Integrated Health Care

Room 406

Integrating client-centred, rights-based sexual and reproductive health, maternal, newborn, and child health services can increase programme efficiency and effectiveness. However, cultural, political, and structural barriers continue to impede full integration of and access to these related services. This session will explore best practices of and challenges to integration.


  • Serra Sippel, President, Center for Health and Gender Equity (CHANGE), USA


  • Mandy Moore, Actor, Singer-Songwriter, and Population Services International (PSI) Ambassador (Opening Remarks)
  • Yetnayet Demissie Asfaw, Country Representative in Ethiopia, EngenderHealth
  • Krishna Jafa, Senior Director, Sexual & Reproductive Health & Tuberculosis (SRHT), Population Services International (PSI)
  • Helena Nangombe, Volunteer, Namibia Women’s Health Network, International Community of Women (ICW) Global, Chapter for Young Women, Adolescents and Girls (CYWAG)
  • Kay Thi Win, Programme Manager, Targeted Outreach Programme, Myanmar

3:00 pm–4:00 pm

Post-Abortion Care: Strategies for Expanding Access to Life-Saving Care

Conference Hall 1

Post-abortion care (PAC) is an important part of the reproductive health continuum of care, especially where access to safe abortion is limited. Women experiencing unsafe abortion need care to prevent and treat life-threatening complications. What strategies have proved most promising for getting PAC services to those who need them?


  • Pamela Barnes, President and Chief Executive Officer, EngenderHealth


  • Evangeline Dushimeyesu, Country Coordinator, Venture Strategies Innovations, Rwanda
  • Haris Ahmed, Programme Director, Pathfinder International, Pakistan
  • Seydou Drabo, M. Phil candidate, Institute of Health and Society, University of Oslo, Norway and Burkina Faso
  • Farhad Javid, Country Director, Marie Stopes International Afghanistan