#EndFistula Toolkit

We’ve compiled a toolkit for the International Day to End Obstetric Fistula—a day to take action to treat and prevent obstetric fistula, a condition that affects between 1 and 2 million girls and women in developing countries.

Obstetric fistula is a devastating childbirth injury typically caused by prolonged and obstructed labor without access to emergency obstetric care, after which the infant is most often stillborn and the woman is left with chronic incontinence.

To help raise awareness of obstetric fistula, EngenderHealth has prepared a number of assets. Please share, and together, we can #EndFistula!  


Share infographics about barriers to solving obstetric fistula and the work EngenderHealth is doing:

EndFistula infographic - barriers


EndFistula infographic - our work

* Also available in vertical format and PDF.


End the Inequity, End Fistula​, Pam W. Barnes & Mira Sorvino, The Huffington Post 

End the Inequity: The Journey to Eradicate Obstetric Fistula, Lauri Romanzi, M.D., EngenderHealth 


Maura LynchMiriam AkelloWinnie NakalemaAmandua Jacinto

Fistula Survivors

Fistula Survivor: FederisiFistula Survivor: KaharaFistula Survivor: SifaFistula Survivor: SilviaFistula Survivor: Group


Take a quiz and test your knowledge of obstetric fistula. A donor will give $2 to help expand maternal health around the world.

Sample Tweets

  • Get informed about how obstetric fistula affects women so that together we can #EndFistula everywhere! #WheresTheFP bit.ly/1Anl6Oc
  • Let’s break down barriers to care for women so we can prevent & treat obstetric fistula! #EndFistula #WheresTheFP bit.ly/1HvUcDr
  • Obstetric #fistula is a devastating #childbirth injury that leaves women incontinent & isolated. Let’s #EndFistula #WheresTheFP
  • #DYK obstetric #fistula is preventable with access to #FP & timely #maternalhealth care? #EndFistula #WheresTheFP fistulacare.org
  • Learn how mobile phones can help women with fistula! #EndFistula #WomenInspire http://bit.ly/1K8hlQ3
  • In 9 years, @fcareplus & other USAID-supported programs completed 33,000+ fistula repair surgeries in 14 countries! #EndFistula #WheresTheFP
  • New research found faster, more cost-effective option for women after #fistula repair surgery! Read how in @TheLancet http://bit.ly/1E2aU8U
  • Take a quiz to learn more about #fistula & a donor will give $ to expand #maternalhealth! #EndFistula bit.ly/WTFPfistula

Sample Facebook Posts

  • Nurses like Miriam Akello are crucial in helping women with obstetric fistula heal & reintegrate! #EndFistula #WomenInspire #WheresTheFP http://bit.ly/1LhgycA
  • Dr. Maura Lynch has dedicated her life to expanding access to fistula repair surgery to women throughout #Uganda #EndFistula #WomenInspire #WheresTheFP http://bit.ly/1LhgycA
  • Nurses & midwives like Winnie Nakalema are not only healthcare providers but also champions for women! #WomenInspire #WheresTheFP #EndFistula http://bit.ly/1LhgycA
  • Uganda’s Commissioner for Health Services, Dr. Jacinto Amandua, has always championed to #EndFistula! #WheresTheFP http://bit.ly/1LhgycA
  • Let’s break down barriers to care for women so we can prevent & treat obstetric fistula! #EndFistula #WheresTheFP http://bit.ly/1HvUcDr
  • Get informed about how obstetric fistula affects women and together, we can #EndFistula everywhere! #WheresTheFP http://bit.ly/1Anl6Oc
  • Take this 3 question quiz to learn more about obstetric fistula & a donor will give $2 to expand maternal health around the world! #EndFistula http://bit.ly/WTFPfistula