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COVID-19: How We’re Responding

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Register for our @USAID-funded @fistulacare Plus project's webinar on Sep 30th at 8:30 AM EDT!
Panelists from @PanziUSA & Mama (@jmckinneypt @lauraekeyser) will discuss the impact of physical rehabilitation in #fistula & maternity care.


Only 30% of countries are reporting sex-disaggregated data on cases and deaths during #COVID19. We must prioritize collecting comprehensive data to fully understand and respond to the dynamics of this crisis.

Read more in @Devex: https://bit.ly/3mnjNsu

As part of @womeninGH, @WagnerFound & @ForeignPolicy's #WGHSecuritySummit, we've joined a diverse group of governments & organizations in making commitments to work towards a gender-equal, post-COVID world.

See all the commitments here: https://lnkd.in/eUSBMqR


"While women provide $3 trillion of care annually, half of that is unpaid...We're asking for a new social contract for women in health that recognizes & values their contribution.” -@RoopaDhatt

Read more in @womeninGH’s brief on health security & women: https://bit.ly/3iPi6BT.

Dr. Ajay Khera, our Country Representative for India, emphasized the importance of private sector engagement in achieving universal health coverage & strengthening health outcomes in #India at @SHOPSPlus' recent webinar. View his speech at 16 min here: https://bit.ly/2H57Yao

Register today! Our @USAID-funded @fistulacare Plus project, with partners @PanziUSA & Mama (@jmckinneypt @lauraekeyser), are hosting a webinar on integrating physical therapy into fistula & maternity care on Sep 30th at 8:30 AM EDT.


New Report: COVID-19 Global Health Security Depends on Women: Rebalancing the unequal social contract for women

Check it out to learn what you can do.
#COVID5050 #WGHSecuritySummit #UNGA #COVID19 #GenderEquality #SDG3 #SDG5 #GlobalGoals #SDGs

Depuis quelques jours se tient l'atelier d’élaboration du rapport de l’évaluation du Plan d’Action National Budgétisé Planification Familiale (PANBPF 2016 – 2020) avec la présence et l'appuie financier de @EngenderHealth et ses PTF.
@SOROAboudouN @nenef

And that's a wrap on #WGHSecuritySummit at the #UNGA. Thank you to all of our speakers and attendees!

What's next? ➡️➡️ putting our words into action!

Learn more about the pledges that came in from global institutions and governments: https://bit.ly/32D8PXZ

We've committed to ensure fair representation of women in leadership, publish gender pay gap data and collect sex- & age-disaggregated data as part of @womeninGH, @WagnerFound & @ForeignPolicy's #WGHSecuritySummit: https://bit.ly/2HaAuYd #COVID5050

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January 24, 2017

EngenderHealth Statement on the Imposition of the Global Gag Rule 2017

January 23, 2017—New York, NY. EngenderHealth, a leading international women’s health organization, strongly denounces the reinstatement of the Global Gag Rule, also known as the Mexico City Policy, which will deny millions of women and girls their basic rights and freedoms.

“It is a fundamental right for all women and girls to be allowed access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care. The Global Gag Rule effectively strips them of this right to make decisions in their private lives that will empower them to lift themselves out of poverty and enable them to live up to their full potential,” said Ulla Müller, President and CEO of EngenderHealth.

The restoration of the Global Gag Rule will have a devastating impact in many countries around the world. Programs will lose significant funding to ensure that women have access to safe services, and critical aid will be blocked to international organizations that use their own non-U.S. funds to provide information, referrals, or comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services. Maternal and child health programs will suffer, including voluntary HIV testing and referral services, and gender-based violence programs will be limited as well.

With access to contraception severely compromised under the Global Gag Rule, the incidence of unintended pregnancies, unsafe abortions, and ultimately maternal deaths will rise. “By reinstating the Mexico City Policy, the only thing that we know for sure is that millions of women will die because they would be deprived of their access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care services. As a consequence, families will be destroyed, as communities and countries will plunge further into poverty and will be stripped of their basic right—to lead a life of dignity,” warned Müller.

About EngenderHealth

EngenderHealth is a leading global women’s health organization committed to the belief that sexual and reproductive health is a human right and that access to quality health services is vital for women and girls to reach their full potential. We create lasting change by training health care professionals and partnering with governments and communities to make high-quality family planning and sexual and reproductive health services available today and for generations to come. Visit www.engenderhealth.org for more information.

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