The Peer Educator Professional Development and Leadership Program

Re:MIX Peer Educators (PEs) are cohorts of young mothers and fathers between the ages of 18-24. They apply to be in the program to facilitate the Re:MIX sexual and reproductive health curriculum to middle and high school students for one full school year (typically August-May). In addition to facilitating in the Re:MIX classroom curricula, the PEs spend time participating in professional development activities and projects to continue to grow their professional skills. This program is collectively referred to as the Peer Educator Program Development and Leadership Program (PD&LP).  The PD&LP is meant to complement and enhance peer educators’ Re:MIX facilitation in the classroom and increase other meaningful professional and workplace skills.

Why We Use Peer Education

Peer Education is an approach to health promotion in which young people are supported to promote health-enhancing change among their peers. Peer education is the teaching or sharing of information, values and experiences with others who may share similar social backgrounds or life experiences, and who are close in age.

We chose to use Peer Educators in the Re:MIX program because Peer Educators can support young people in making health decisions about their own lives and develop positive group norms related to healthy sexuality. Research shows that youth who believe that their peers are practicing healthy decision-making are likely to practice them as well.

Our Peer Educators’ Stories

Re:MIX Peer Educators have the opportunity to tell their stories in the classroom and also create their own digital stories as part of the program. Check out Mariah’s story below, and continue watching for more Peer Educators’ stories!