Program Overview

Re:MIX is a comprehensive, inclusive health education program that includes age-appropriate, medically accurate information on a broad set of topics related to human development, healthy relationships, gender, decision making, contraception, and infection prevention. The program’s goal is to empower and educate in-school adolescents (13–17 years old) and young parents (18–24 years old) with opportunities to learn and practice the crucial skills teens need to make responsible, healthy, and safe life decisions to lead healthy lives. Re:MIX takes a fun, interactive approach. Designed with youth, for youth, the curriculum emphasizes the stories of peer educators and encourages students to explore their values and imagine their futures.

The implementation of Re:MIX is broken into three main components:


The Re:MIX curriculum covers a broad range of sexual and reproductive health topics over a 10-session program. The curriculum utilizes game-based tools, technology, and storytelling to provide young people with opportunities to learn, share, and practice the crucial skills they need to lead healthy, productive lives. Each session is approximately 55 minutes and is co-facilitated by a peer educator, who is also a young parent, and a professional health educator. Peer educators share their own personal stories and journeys of becoming a parent, describe the challenges they have faced, and offer genuine feedback about what it’s like to be a young parent.

Peer Educator Professional Development and Leadership

Research shows that youth who believe that their peers are practicing healthy decision-making are likely to practice them as well. We chose to use Peer Educators in the Re:MIX program because Peer Educators can support young people in making health decisions about their own lives and develop positive group norms related to healthy sexuality.

 Re:MIX partners with young parents as Peer Educators to co-teach Re:MIX curriculum sessions alongside professional health educators. Re:MIX Peer Educators are cohorts of young mothers and fathers between the ages of 18-24. In addition to facilitating in the Re:MIX curriculum, the Peer Educators spend time participating in professional development activities and projects to continue to grow their professional skills. This program is collectively referred to as the Peer Educator Professional Development and Leadership Program (PD&LP).  The PD&LP is meant to empower youth by developing and enhancing professional, facilitation and leadership skills. Learn more about one of our professional development and leadership opportunities for Peer Educators by looking at our PhotoVoice page.

Community Health Services Linkage System

Re:MIX provides youth peer educators with a thoroughly vetted resource guide on services available to them in the community. We identified a need to provide youth with resources that would provide them with the best health services while respecting the needs of adolescents. We established criteria for what constitutes youth-friendly services and had our peer educators go out into the field to do research on existing community resources. This resource guide is referenced throughout the curriculum as a way to encourage youth to support their health and well-being outside of the classroom. Each classroom participant and Peer Educator is provided with a Youth-Friendly Resource Guide, available both in print and as a mobile app.

Learn more about our mobile app here.


The efficacy of the Re:MIX curriculum is currently being evaluated as a randomized control trial study funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Adolescent Health, from July 1, 2015, to June 30, 2020. Three charter schools participated in the study implementation, with 625 students in 8th – 10th

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Peer Educators’ Stories