Gender Matters for Native Youth                             

EngenderHealth worked with experts in Native health programming to create an inter-tribal Adaptation Manual for Gender Matters. By conducting literature reviews, interviews with key informants, and site visits to Native communities along with convening an advisory committee and review committee, EngenderHealth has worked to align the Gender Matters curriculum to meet the specific needs, attitudes, and interests of Native youth populations.

Gender Matters for Native Youth: An Adaptation Manual makes Gen.M an option for organizations serving Native youth populations. This manual adds another resource to the limited options for sexual health education curricula developed or adapted specifically for Native youth.  The implementation of a specially-tailored version of Gen.M, which aims to delay sexual initiation and improve contraceptive use, may help Native youth make informed and empowered choices about their sexual and reproductive health.

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Gender Matters for Native Youth is in the unique position to help Native youth learn ways to challenge and redefine unhealthy gender norms to those that are healthier and more equitable. The high incidence of teenage pregnancy and sexual assault among Native youth coupled with the high rates of poverty experienced by this population has potentially detrimental consequences for Native families. These negative consequences include educational deficits, economic strain, and poor marital outcomes, as well as slowed cognitive, social, and physical development among children of adolescent parents.

The Gender Matters for Native Youth Adaptation Manual provides a framework to help Native communities develop adaptations and create a version of the Gender Matters program that is culturally appropriate and relevant for their youth.

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