EngenderHealth US

EngenderHealth’s U.S. Programs Office develops innovative, science-based programs that support youth in making healthy choices, practicing healthy relationships, and preventing unplanned pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and interpersonal violence. Utilizing a varied approach, we provide training and technical assistance, curriculum development and adaptations, and research and evaluation. We aim to focus on innovative approaches that are rooted in evidence- and theory-based practices and that engage young people as experts in their own lives.

Our Values

Self-Determination: We believe in providing opportunities for youth to take ownership over their own sexuality and sexual and reproductive health.

Quality: We deliver high-quality, factual, age-appropriate, and research-driven
programs, services, and information.

Innovation: We challenge the status quo with innovative approaches
and solutions.

Respect: We give respect to every person, every time.


Our Programs

Our programs use a gender-transformative approach to reduce unintended pregnancy, STIs, and relationship violence while employing youth development and empowerment as a platform for engaging young people in making informed choices about their own sexual health. Our signature U.S. programs are Gender Matters (Gen.M) and Re:MIX.

Gender Matters

Gen.M engages boys and girls together in small groups to explore rigid societal messages about masculinity and femininity, examine the social costs of harmful norms, and redefine them into healthy and equitable ones. Gen.M provides a rare opportunity for young people to reflect with one another on the emotional and societal context within which sexual behaviors are enacted.

Key program components include:

  • A 20-hour curriculum
  • A social media campaign
  • Youth-generated video messages


Re:MIX pairs peer educators who are parenting youth and adult clinic-based health educators to co-facilitate a game-based sexuality education curriculum for youth. Re:MIX provides youth with opportunities to learn and practice the crucial skills that teens need to make responsible, healthy, and safe life decisions.

Key program components include:

  • A 12-hour curriculum
  • Young parent leadership and professional development and mentoring
  • A health services linkage system

Adolescent Health Matters

Adolescence is a critical transitional and developmental stage in a person’s life. The creation and implementation of programs that support positive youth development and youth empowerment principles is essential, as behavioral patterns established during this time determine a young person’s health status and future risk-taking behaviors in adulthood. Comprehensive programs for preventing teenage pregnancy, STIs, and relationship violence that support young people’s voice and agency are particularly successful at increasing positive health outcomes for adolescents and their communities.

EngenderHealth’s U.S. Programs Office focuses on providing youth with comprehensive health education that is age-appropriate, medically accurate, inclusive, and engaging, covering a broad set of topics related to sexuality, including human development, healthy relationships, decision making, abstinence, contraception, disease prevention, and more. Our goal is to give students opportunities to learn and practice the crucial skills that they need to make responsible, healthy, and safe life decisions. We provide tools for youth to use in considering their choices within the context of the broader struggles, aspirations, desires, and needs that motivate their behaviors.