Our Expertise

EngenderHealth is one of the leading international reproductive health organizations working to improve the quality of health care in the world’s poorest communities. We focus our work to improve quality, ensure rights, and bring lasting change to people and communities. For more information about our global work, visit www.engenderhealth.org.

EngenderHealth focuses on the following key program areas: family planning; maternal health; HIV and AIDS; improving clinical quality; advocacy and policy; engaging men as partners; and adolescent sexual and reproductive health.

Since 1996, EngenderHealth has pioneered programs that challenge gender inequities and transform gender norms in ways that promote health and social justice (using gender-transformative strategies). For example, EngenderHealth’s Men As Partners® program engages men and boys to promote gender equality and prevent violence against women. This award-winning approach has been implemented in more than 30 countries across Asia and Africa and in the United States.

In addition, EngenderHealth is implementing gender programs that purposefully promote equality among both men/boys and women/girls, with the understanding that both sexes need to be engaged in redefining gender norms within their communities. This gender-synchronized approach is unique, as most gender programs focus on just men or women. To date, we have implemented and evaluated successful gender-synchronized programs in Angola, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and the United States.