Cute Chubby Babies Explain Contraception

It’s a fact: healthy moms have healthier babies. This WTFP?! video raises awareness about the 214 million women worldwide who want to plan their families but lack access to modern contraception.
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History's Worst Contraceptives

From the beginning of time women have wanted to decide for themselves if and when to have children. As a result, they’ve endured some of history’s worst contraceptives. It’ll make you say, “Ewww.”

About EngenderHealth

Learn more about EngenderHealth, a leading global women’s health organization that trains health care professionals and partners with governments in 20 countries to ensure that maternal health and family planning services are available to all women and their partners.

Mira Sorvino & EngenderHealth

Academy Award-winning actress Mira Sorvino is partnering with EngenderHealth to raise awareness about the need to expand access to family planning and quality maternal healthcare for women everywhere. Watch this short video and learn how Mira’s personal journey to motherhood inspires her work.

WTFP?! is brought to you by EngenderHealth, a global women’s health organization committed to ensuring that every pregnancy is planned, every child is wanted, and every mother has the best chance at survival. Learn more about us.

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