10 Dads You Wish Would Adopt You

Our heroes: As equal partners, these dads are raising healthy, independent, and empowered children.

He puts his family’s health and well-being first.

He respects women and raises beautiful, independent, and empowered daughters.

He cares enough to learn about reproductive health and wants to plan his family.

He believes in sharing responsibilities as an equal and involved partner.

He has that look of universal pride and sleep deprivation.

He believes in gender equity and is not afraid to show it… he’s sexy and we know it.

He is his son’s hero. But secretly he knows that his son is his hero.

He challenges traditional gender roles and attitudes but shares traditional headwear.

He knows how to protect his daughter and make her feel like “daddy’s little girl!”.

He’s a champion for women’s and girls health. Happy Father’s Day!


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