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Our Impact
With 70 years of experience, EngenderHealth’s global impact is unparalleled. We continue to lead the way in ensuring high-quality family planning and reproductive health services for millions of women so they can thrive. To date, we have touched the lives of more than 200 million people in 110 countries. Last year alone, we reached more than 5 million people—helping more women have the number of children they want, not the number their circumstances dictate.

Our Projects
From expanding women’s access to and use of family planning in West Africa, to preventing, treating, and standardizing obstetric fistula care throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, to empowering adolescents in South Asia, EngenderHealth contributes its specialized technical expertise to each project. Read about our ongoing projects around the globe.

About EngenderHealth
The WTFP?! Campaign is brought to you by EngenderHealth. Around the world, EngenderHealth has proven that family planning services can be safe, effective, and affordable—even in resource-poor settings. We are passionate about putting the power of family planning into women’s hands worldwide, because when women thrive, so do their families and communities. When women have access to health care and family planning, they tend to go further in their education, earn more, and have healthier children.

That’s why we work alongside doctors, nurses, communities, and policymakers to support a woman’s right to have the number of children she wants—not the number her circumstances dictate. In the last year alone, we worked in nearly 20 countries to support health care professionals to advance their training and skills, partner with communities to generate awareness, advocate for sexual and reproductive health policies and resources, and forge lasting partnerships at every level. Read more about EngenderHealth’s work around the world.

About the Campaign
The WTFP?! campaign seeks to engage a new generation of women and men in the global family planning movement. In many countries, the widespread use of contraception has revolutionized women’s roles in society and the workplace. Yet, today 214 million women in developing countries want contraceptives and the means to plan their families, but lack access. At EngenderHealth, we believe access to contraception is one of the most critical issues of this century, and we want to inspire people to take action.

WTFP?! is brought to you by EngenderHealth, a global women’s health organization committed to ensuring that every pregnancy is planned, every child is wanted, and every mother has the best chance at survival. Learn more about us.

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