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COVID-19: How We’re Responding

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We support @USAIDGH’s vision to create a 🌎 where healthy and well-nourished women, newborns, and children have the same chance of survival, regardless of where they live. https://www.usaid.gov/ActingOnTheCall #ActingOnTheCall

#ICYMI:.@USAID celebrates 5 yrs improving health outcomes for millions of Tanzanians in 12 regions across 🇹🇿. Our Boresha Afya activities saw provision of family planning to over 10.2 mill Tanzanians thru outreach services → https://bit.ly/3DkBYY7
@EGPAF_Africa @EngenderHealth

Ensuring access to sexual and reproductive healthcare needs to be part of the response to climate change. Everyone should be able to make their own decisions about their reproductive health as they navigate the climate crisis. #SRHR #ReproductiveRights


For 5 years we’ve been proud to work w/ partners on the Boresha Afya project, increasing communities' access to quality HIV, maternal & child health, & TB services. As a result 8.3 million Tanzanians accessed HIV testing! @USAIDTanzania @DeloitteTZ @EngenderHealth @ummymwalimu https://twitter.com/EngenderHealth/status/1458887340009693198

#LargestVaccineDrive #repostfrommohfwindia #iamthechange #iactt #vaccine #COVID19

@newconceptinfo @TheYPFoundation @EngenderHealth @MoHFW_INDIA @UNICEFIndia @WHO

At the @USAID Boresha Afya North-Central & Southern Zone closing, Country Rep. Prudence Masako thanked @USAIDTanzania, the govt of #Tanzania, @DeloitteTz & @EGPAF for helping create “a more robust, more gender-equitable health system.” Learn more ➡️ https://bit.ly/UBA-event

If you are 🤰 you can be vaccinated against #covid19.

You are at high risk of serious illness or delivering your 👶 prematurely if you get sick with covid-19

@newconceptinfo @TheYPFoundation @EngenderHealth @UNICEFIndia @MoHFW_INDIA

#repostfromwho #iamthechange #iactt #covid

@FP2030Global Congratulations to @FP2030 and Dr. Samukeliso Dube! My colleagues @EngenderHealth and I look forward to working together and with partners around the world to expand access to #familyplanning.

#Unite2FightCorona #LargestVaccineDrive #iamthechange #iactt #safety #health #repostfrommohfwindia

@EngenderHealth @TheYPFoundation @newconceptinfo @MoHFW_INDIA @UNICEFIndia

We try to ensure that the right and verified messages reach masses across India. Trying to cut the language barrier and making it easy for everyone to understand has been our effort.
#IAcTT #multilingual
@TheYPFoundation @EngenderHealth @newconceptinfo @UNICEFIndia @MoHFW_INDIA

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