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Practical Guide for Selection of MVA Instruments

The introduction of manual vacuum aspiration (MVA) as a safe and effective alternative method of uterine evacuation is one of the most important approaches to preventing complications of unsafe abortion around the world. However, the instruments used for MVA vary in quality, cost, and local availability. In an effort to help buyers assess the various MVA instruments on the market, EngenderHealth and the Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH) conducted the first-ever evaluation of MVA instruments in 2001, testing the durability, quality, safety, and usability of all instruments available at the time.

Practical Guide for Selection of MVA Instruments describes the test procedures and standards used to evaluate the instruments, provides an overall comparison of the instruments evaluated, lists the cross-compatibility of equipment from various manufacturers, and provides information about the products and their manufacturers. In addition to providing useful information about the ways that the instruments evaluated endure real-life conditions, the test procedures and standards may serve as important guides for assessing products that have come on the market since the evaluation was conducted or that were not available at the time of the evaluation.

The guide contains photographs showing the basic components of an MVA kit, as well as those of all of the instruments evaluated.

View or download this publication (PDF, 2MB).

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