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Counseling the Postabortion Client

A Training Curriculum

EngenderHealth's training curriculum for health care providers is designed to make counseling an integral part of comprehensive postabortion care (PAC) services. With an emphasis on improving provider-client communication, Counseling the Postabortion Client: A Training Curriculum can help providers to integrate high-quality counseling into routine interactions with postabortion clients.

This innovative curriculum was developed based on a needs assessment conducted in Indonesia and Colombia and a review of existing postabortion counseling literature and models developed by EngenderHealth. In response to the findings that traditional postabortion counseling lacks emphasis on emotional support and communication, the training guide teaches providers how to assess and address clients' needs for information, confidentiality, privacy, and dignity.

Field-tested in several countries, the training curriculum is designed to be adaptable across different cultures. Given the range of sensitive issues related to abortion and postabortion care in different countries, the guide uses participants' input to create client profiles that reflect the unique situation in a given country. The profiles are developed into case studies that can be used repeatedly throughout the training for small-group work and role plays. Following three days of intensive classroom learning, participants can apply their skills to counseling sessions with real clients.

You can view or download the curriculum in its entirety by clicking on the first link below. Each training session can also be viewed or downloaded individually.

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