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"#Familyplanning efforts have been practiced in #Mexico for 40 years. Despite efforts, male participation is still low. The #WorldVasectomyDay campaign has helped drive change." - From "Involving Men in Family Planning" session led by @EngenderHealth CEO @TraciLBaird #ICFP2018

“We’re expanding our horizons to be more intentional about calling on men to be advocates to increase support for women’s rights and to debunk cultural norms that perpetuate inequity based on gender.” - @TraciLBaird, President and CEO of @EngenderHealth #ICFP2018

“Increasingly, the field has recognized that in addition to being supportive partners, men should have the informed opportunity to be the primary users of #familyplanning methods in their relationships.” - @TraciLBaird, President and CEO of @EngenderHealth #ICFP2018

Sharing my commitment with @EngenderHealth, a leading #SRHR organization and advocate. Thanks for the warm welcome! #ICFP2018

What works to engage men as contraceptive users, partners, and #familyplanning advocates? Find out at 14:35 today! Our President and CEO @TraciLBaird chairs session with @Pop_Council, @IntraHealth, @Georgetown, and @PSIimpact. https://t.co/hfqEB9QfyS #ICFP2018

.@EngenderHealth's Bereket Mathewos explains how #familyplanning improves women’s lives in #Ethiopia in one of our 35 posters, presentations, and panels at #ICF2018. Visit our microsite for the full list: https://t.co/hfqEB9QfyS

It's Day 2 at #ICFP2018! Have you shared your commitment to #familyplanning on social media yet? Stop by the @EngenderHealth booth (#33) to participate and win a gift! https://t.co/hfqEB9QfyS

We agree! Information is power! #ICFP2018

"Women’s rights are more than their reproductive health, and looking at it from a holistic approach is essential." - @Katja_Iversen, @WomenDeliver #ICFP2018

"I've realized that there's hardly a goal that we want that can not be dealt with at the primary health investment level. If we invest in primary health, it gives us a platform to push through everything else that we want to push through." H.E. @ToyinSaraki #ICFP2018

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No-Scalpel Vasectomy Curriculum

Contraceptive sterilization accounts for nearly half of all family planning use around the world. But while vasectomy is safer, simpler, less expensive, and just as effective as female sterilization, only about 43 million of the approximately 253 million couples relying on contraceptive sterilization depend on vasectomy.

For years, the underutilization of vasectomy has been attributed to men’s reluctance to take responsibility for family planning. But research and experience have both shown that men in every part of the world are interested in and willing to accept vasectomy. Continuing low levels of vasectomy use globally may be due more to the failure of health professionals to make information and services available and accessible to men than to men’s resistance to the method or unwillingness to take responsibility for contraception.

To help providers of family planning services learn how to offer high-quality vasectomy services that ensure clients’ voluntary, fully informed, and well-considered decision making in a context that is medically safe, EngenderHealth has produced the No-Scalpel Vasectomy Curriculum: A Training Course for Vasectomy Providers and Assistants, 2nd Edition. This clinical training course presents all of the information that both trained vasectomists and their assistants need to be able to provide safe and effective NSV services. The curriculum has been revised and updated to reflect the latest research findings, global expert opinion, and field experience related to no-scalpel vasectomy (NSV), a refined approach that makes vasectomy simpler for the surgeon to perform and more acceptable to the client.

The curriculum’s Trainer’s Manual contains information to guide the trainer during a workshop and to assist him or her in making decisions that will enhance the trainee’s learning experience. The Participant Handbook contains information on all topics covered in NSV training and contains diagrams, charts, and other graphic materials that can be adapted for use with clients.

No-Scalpel Vasectomy Curriculum, 2nd Edition
View or download the Trainer’s Manual for the No-Scalpel Vasectomy Curriculum by clicking on the first link below, and the Participant Handbook by clicking on the second link.

Both the Trainer’s Manual and the Participant Handbook will shortly become available on a CD-ROM (contact info@engenderhealth.org to order copies).

Note: The No-Scalpel Vasectomy Curriculum should be used in conjunction with No-Scalpel Vasectomy: An Illustrated Guide for Surgeons, 3rd Edition. This book, which is the basis for the surgical skills training in the course, also serves as a helpful reference after completion of NSV training. Besides being a step-by-step guide to the NSV procedure, the illustrated guide reviews basic medical and surgical practices that are essential to ensuring the safety and effectiveness of any vasectomy procedure. No-Scalpel Vasectomy: An Illustrated Guide for Surgeons, 3rd Edition is available on CD-ROM or can be downloaded from EngenderHealth’s web site. Read more.

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