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Comprehensive Counseling for Reproductive Health

An Integrated Curriculum

The international family planning community has broadened its focus in recent years to take a more comprehensive view of reproductive health, one in which family planning service delivery is integrated with other sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services. As a result of this process, a need has emerged for counseling and communications training that prepares service providers to perceive the client as a whole person with a range of interrelated SRH needs (including information, decision-making assistance, and emotional support), to address sensitive issues of sexuality with greater comfort, to support and protect the client's sexual and reproductive rights, and to access more easily resources covering a variety of SRH services.

Comprehensive Counseling for Reproductive Health: An Integrated Curriculum attempts to meet this training need by introducing the concept of "integrated sexual and reproductive health counseling," by using client profiles developed by the participants to reinforce an orientation to the individual client (all the while tailoring the training to local needs), and by adapting counseling frameworks to help providers effectively assess and address clients' comprehensive SRH needs.

You can view or download the curriculum's Trainers' Manual or Participant's Handbook in its entirety by clicking on the first set of links below. Parts of the curriculum can also be viewed or downloaded separately, as shown.

Comprehensive Counseling for Reproductive Health:
An Integrated Curriculum

Trainers' Manual

Participant's Handbook

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