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More than half of the world is under the age of 25. Day 3 kicks off with a focus on the lived realities of youth from all over the world. 26 storytellers (youth advocates, leaders, activists, and officials) share the stories of young people on the #ICFP2018 stage. #ICFPYouth

How do the complications of IUCD insertions reflect the quality of #familyplanning services? Learn more at our 10:25 session today: https://t.co/hfqEB9QfyS #ICFP2018

Family planning is critical for #fistula prevention. Learn about @EngenderHealth's work on this in #Uganda during the #NCDs and #familyplanning session with @USAIDGH, @ampathkenya, @PSIImpact, and @RHUganda. Today at 10:25: https://t.co/hfqEB9QfyS #ICFP2018

It's Day 3 of #ICFP2018! The @EngenderHealth team is presenting 16 sessions and posters today. Full schedule at booth #33 or visit https://t.co/hfqEB9QfyS.

#ICFPYouth #familyplanning #SRHR

"Movements advance the cause in not only good times but also in bad," says Jonathan Rucks of @pai_org at @WomenDeliver breakfast.

@jjrucks #IFCP2018 #WomenDeliver

What's on your #ICFP2018 schedule today? Our experts will present on:
➡️ #familyplanning & fistula care,
➡️ involving community leaders in changing social norms,
➡️ using #GIS mapping for family planning,
and more!
Visit our posters & join our sessions: https://t.co/hfqEB9QfyS

“SHE is the bedrock of society because when SHE can decide, SHE is powerful.” - @Katja_Iversen reflects on the dimensions of “power,” the theme of next year’s @WomenDeliver, in #familyplanning advocacy. We can’t wait for #WomenDeliver 2019! 💪🏻💪🏼💪🏽💪🏾💪🏿 #ICFP0218

Our commitment to #FamilyPlanning is making #BigData available for practitioners & policymakers so that they can easily visualize trends in contraceptive discontinuation. Big Data 4 Reproductive Health! #bd4rh Better visualization=better family planning #ICFP2018 @engenderhealth

Meaningful dialogue with #familyplanning providers means going beyond pregnancy prevention and supporting each client's sexual and reproductive health needs and aspirations. Learn about the newly launched REDI counseling framework: https://t.co/MxNz8W1Kj6 #ICFP2018 #SRHR

A world where women and girls have the freedom to reach their full potentials

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The R3M Project

Under the R3M Program (Reducing Maternal Morbidity and Mortality) EngenderHealth supported family planning and long-term and permanent contraceptives in Ghana from 2006 to 2014. As part of a consortium led by the Population Council, EngenderHealth supported the increased use of contraception, especially long-acting and permanent methods, by updating protocols; providing training to health care providers; expanding contraceptive services; building effective systems for monitoring, supervision, and quality improvement; and developing a comprehensive communications strategy for improving utilization of long-acting and permanent methods. Additional consortium partners included IPAS, Marie Stopes International, Willows Foundation, and the Ministry of Health/Ghana Health Services.

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