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Thanks to our vocational training program in Malawi, young women like Bertha can gain the skills to support their families while learning about #genderequality. Meet Bertha: https://t.co/KLowhRfQF5 #GBV

Five ways women, and the world, are held back when both men and women lack access to sexual and #reprohealth education and safe, voluntary #familyplanning methods: https://t.co/vfrNHirqEU

In our Austin-area adolescent sexual health program Re:MIX, young parents are peer educators, working w/ health educators & telling their stories. @SXSW @SXSWEDU peeps—check out this session in the #SXSWEDU #PanelPicker (and vote!): https://t.co/ovGTS1BBOY #YouthDay #SexEducation

Through our PhotoVoice project, Re:MIX youth Peer Educators are able to reflect on their own #SRHR experiences and in turn, better help students process sexual and gender content. https://t.co/kKxny6JSTi #youthday

6000 adolescent girls and young women become infected with HIV every week. Education plays a critical role in ensuring young women and girls have access to the HIV prevention info and services they need. https://t.co/gecJP98ZGx #YouthDay #TransformingEducation

[Blog] On #InternationalYouthDay we celebrate comprehensive life skills education for young ppl to support their right to gender-equitable sexual & reproductive health services & participating as equal members in society: https://t.co/A56ExV4Aqr

#youthday #SRHR

She has the right.

To information. To health care. To choose.

On #InternationalYouthDay we say that every girl and young woman must have access to sexual education. So she can make decisions about her body, her life & her future.

Only then can we truly #TransformEducation

We stand with you, Dr. Kanem (@Atayeshe) and @UNFPA!

Here's our #youthday blog on youth, #SRHR, and #genderequality: https://t.co/A56ExV4Aqr

"The potential of young people is limitless, if we can more effectively reach these young people with accurate, appropriate information and services that respect, protect, and fulfill their #humanrights." - Ana Aguilera, EngenderHealth https://t.co/2pnBT5BkE0 #youthday

Looking for resources on #SRHR for youth?

See our Key Topics page for a collection of papers related to Young People and SRHR: https://t.co/4JipIW4MyD

#EvidenceMatters #YouthDay #Adolescent

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Maternal and Reproductive Health Project

EngenderHealth and Thamini Uhai implemented the Maternal and Reproductive Health Project in Kigoma, Tanzania, over a six-year period. Originally awarded by the Bloomberg Philanthropies and Foundation H & B Agerup as a three-year initiative in May 2013, the project was extended to April 2019. Under the project, EngenderHealth expanded access to family planning and postabortion care services in Kigoma.

EngenderHealth ensured clients full and free access to comprehensive family planning and postabortion care services and built the local government’s capacity to sustain these services.

Key results of EngenderHealth’s work on the project include:

  • Upgraded the infrastructure and equipment of 31 health facilities to offer quality family planning and postabortion care services.
  • Trained 16 family planning and postabortion care trainers in eight of Kigoma’s districts.
  • Strengthened the health system to offer quality family planning services by training  family planning counselors, supervisors, managers, and support personnel.
  • Supported the provision of more than 395,225 modern contraceptive methods, equivalent to more than 1,215,324 couple years of protection.

Key impacts of the project include:

  • 483,795 unintended pregnancies averted
  • 269,900 live births averted
  • 142,582 abortions averted
  • 993 maternal deaths averted
  • 9,569 child deaths averted
  • 108,685 unsafe abortions averted


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