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HUSIKA Key Populations Group Project

In Tanzania, accessing quality HIV and AIDS information and care can be a challenge. Many men and women live in remote areas far from health services, and the stigma attached to HIV can deter even those with access from seeking care. EngenderHealth works on a number of fronts to support the delivery of quality HIV services and to counteract the stigma of HIV testing and treatment, including integrating HIV services with family planning, and addressing gender-based violence.

EngenderHealth and Population Services International launched the HUSIKA Key Populations Group Project in 2011 to provide health services for marginalized groups, including men who have sex with men, injecting drug users, those who engage in transactional sex, and their partners. These groups often face even greater difficulty in accessing health care than other Tanzanians, and their high-risk behaviors render them particularly vulnerable to contracting and transmitting HIV.

In an effort to expand access to high quality HIV services, EngenderHealth applies its expertise in gender issues, community awareness-building, and male involvement. We support at-risk groups across five regions of Tanzania by teaching and strengthening protective health behaviors that can prevent HIV transmission, and by training providers and health facilities to deliver key-population-friendly services. We also advocate for national and local support that better enables these most-at-risk populations to access health services, which has resulted in the development of national guidelines for working with key population groups.

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