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"Investments in #familyplanning today are investments in the #health and well-being of millions of #women for generations to come". Read @UNFPA Executive Director, @Atayeshe 's message for #WorldPopulationDay: https://t.co/i9Gi6joJBf #WPD2018

50 years ago, the world declared that family planning was a human right.

Yet, in developing regions, some 214 million women still lack safe and effective family planning methods.

On today's #WorldPopulationDay, read how @UNFPA is taking action: https://t.co/EjmyUAnSek

It's #WorldPopulationDay today and one year on from our global summit on #familyplanning where commitments and pledges were made to bring the choice of contraception to millions more women worldwide.

Here's some of the progress so far...

#ukaid @FP2020Global @IPPF @MarieStopes

To highlight the need to improve access to modern #familyplanning, we’ve collected more than 20 examples of traditional methods people resort to while trying to prevent pregnancy: https://t.co/Y9RMq2J07s

RT to spread the word and help #BreakTradition once and for all.


We agree! That’s why we should all continue to find ways to spread the word about #familyplanning and #maternalhealth! #WherestheFP

Learn Shanana's story on grief, teen pregnancy, and defiance of expectations. https://t.co/bczbOOkZcq #ReMIX

"At this year’s #HLPF, let’s not forget that gender equality is central to achieving all the #GlobalGoals," shares our Executive Director, @phumzileunwomen.

Find out more: https://t.co/0BIi5zERNo

Progress! Though much left to do - to get #FP into the hands of 214million women and girls who want it. Back in Seattle for @FP2020Global meeting. #FP2020progress #UHC #WPD2018 @uwsph

.@UNFPA has collected dozens of examples of the ineffective and even harmful strategies people resort to while trying to prevent pregnancy: https://t.co/QoZCACnF6b

Together, they highlight the urgent need to improve access to modern #familyplanning.

#BreakTradition #WPD2018

Are you working to #EndFistula? Check out our toolkit! It includes infographics, quotes, tweets & more! https://t.co/9XogtP5jQE @fistulacare

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The ACQUIRE Project

EngenderHealth was the managing partner of the ACQUIRE Project (Access, Quality, and Use in Reproductive Health), a global cooperative agreement supported by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). ACQUIRE advanced and supported the availability, quality, and use of facility-based reproductive health and family planning services at every level of the health care system and strengthened links between facilities and communities.

From 2003 to 2008, ACQUIRE was involved in efforts to:

  • Revitalize family planning
  • Integrate family planning services with HIV, maternal health care, and postabortion care services
  • Enhance the quality of comprehensive HIV services
  • Scale up services through networks
  • Blend and scale up proven approaches for improving performance and quality
  • Promote “knowledge to practice” to improve program performance and effectiveness

ACQUIRE’s global work ended in 2008; however, work continues under ACQUIRE in several countries around the world — such as the ACQUIRE Tanzania Project (ATP) — through USAID Associate Awards.

For more information, visit the ACQUIRE Digital Archive.

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