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Stigma Action Network

Every day, some 6,800 people around the world become infected with HIV, and another 5,700 die from HIV-related causes. Fear of the consequences of HIV-related stigma and discrimination-such as denial of care, jobs, and schooling, isolation, and violence-deters people from seeking HIV testing, disclosing a positive result to others, including intimate partners, and accessing HIV treatment and support services. In undermining access to prevention, care, and treatment services, stigma contributes to the spread of HIV. Indeed, the goal of universal access to HIV prevention, care, and treatment will not be achieved without addressing HIV stigma and discrimination.

To combat stigma and maximize the global response to AIDS, EngenderHealth is a founding member of the newly launched Stigma Action Network (SAN). This coordinated global network will enable people involved in programs, research, and advocacy to act and forge new commitments locally, regionally, and globally to reduce HIV-related stigma.

Through an interactive web site, the network shares information and facilitates the exchange of experiences and lessons among activists worldwide. This improved communication and coordination will lead to better research, programming, and advocacy among those committed to ending HIV-related stigma.

The steering committee includes EngenderHealth, the International Center for Research on Women, Colectivo Sol, Futures Group, the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, and The Communications Hub. The network is supported by the M.A.C. AIDS Fund.

The SAN web site launched in May 2011. Join the network and sign up for the E-Forum by sending a blank e-mail to: join-hivstigmanetwork@eforums.healthdev.org.

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