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Rose's Story

Ugandan Fistula Survivor

In August 2007, the ACQUIRE Project partnered with the Center for Digital Storytelling and St. Joseph's Hospital in Uganda to coordinate a workshop for Ugandan women who have experienced obstetric fistula. The resulting videos recount hardships and celebrate achievements related to their daily struggles with pregnancy, loss, relationships, as well as their search for safety, acceptance, and dignity. The series of videos was also released as Learn from My Story: Women Confront Fistula in Rural Uganda, a DVD and facilitator's guide available from the Fistula Care project.

The ACQUIRE Project, of which EngenderHealth was the managing partner, worked globally to advance and support the availability, quality, and use of facility-based reproductive health and family planning services at every level of the health care system. In many African and Asian countries, the ACQUIRE Project built local capacity to treat and prevent obstetric fistula, and to support fistula patients through reintegration programs.

This workshop was coordinated by the ACQUIRE Project and made possible by the generous support of the American people through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), under the terms of cooperative agreement GPO-A-00-03-00006-00.

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