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Brown's Story

Stories from Tanzania

(In Swahili, without English subtitles.)

Traditional male gender norms encourage men to equate a range of risky behaviors--the use of violence, substance abuse, the pursuit of multiple sexual partners, the domination of women--with being manly. Rigid constructs of masculinity also lead men to view health-seeking behaviors as a sign of weakness. These gender dynamics all play a critical role in increasing both men and women's vulnerability to HIV.

In 2008, the EngenderHealth Tanzania Male Gender Norms Initiative, along with the MenEngage Global Alliance, conducted a digital storytelling workshop with Tanzanian men who have been able to challenge and overcome harmful male gender norms. These men recorded first person narratives about their lives; chose still pictures, images and songs to illustrate their stories; and learned to edit these materials to the short stories contained in this DVD. These stories are being shown in trainings and community screenings throughout Tanzania as a way of promoting ongoing EngenderHealth efforts to involve men in preventing HIV and AIDS.

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