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The RESPOND Project: India NSV Radio Spot (1 of 4)

In India, the RESPOND Project developed four radio public service announcements as part of its initiative in support of no-scalpel vasectomy (NSV). These radio spots, broadcast in Hindi, were meant to increase awareness and acceptance of NSV among couples who have completed their families. Specifically, the spots seek to establish NSV as a simple procedure with minimal pain, emphasizing that the client can walk home after only an hour and resume regular or strenuous work after only two days.  The spots also emphasize that there is no impact on sexual performance or physical capacity to limit a man's ability to provide for his family.

In these videos, the Hindi radio advertisements are accompanied by English translations.

The RESPOND Project, managed by EngenderHealth, expands family planning services and improves reproductive health in developing countries around the world. Supported by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), RESPOND aims to increase access to a range of contraceptives, with particular focus on long-acting and permanent methods. These effective methods (implants, IUDs, and male and female sterilization) remain underutilized in many developing countries, even though they are safe, convenient, and cost-effective.

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