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Our Stories

For millions of people, our work has been part of their life story. We're proud of that. These five stories are among our favorites.


Safe Motherhood through Simple Interventions

Laxmi almost lost her life to postpartum hemorrhage—excessive bleeding after giving birth. Her story is one reason why EngenderHealth works to eliminate this common problem.

Bringing Hope—"It's Like Magic"

Peer educators like Sankari provide others living with HIV in India with referrals for care and support, counseling on adhering to treatment, and other vital, lifesaving information.

Champions of Change: Getting "Out of the Box"

As a leader of the National Muslim Council of Tanzania, Sheikh Khamsini hosts a regular forum where men can discuss gender equality.

"I Deserve Good Care"

In Bolivia, EngenderHealth's family planning work empowers Aruni to share her newfound knowledge.

Saving Lives around the Clock

In Bangladesh, where 85% of women give birth at home without skilled birth attendants, Dr. Nowrozy Kamar Jahan is committed to saving lives.

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