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Amit Prajapati: The Biggest Turning Point of My Life

At age 25, Amit Prajapati was the proud father of two girls. Although he dreamed of trying for a son, he knew the economic strain of a third child would keep him from giving his family the best possible future. The anxiety consumed his daily life, in which he and his wife already struggled to make ends meet.

But after receiving family planning counseling from an EngenderHealth-trained provider, Amit made a decision that would transform his life: undergoing no-scalpel vasectomy (NSV), a safe and effective method of permanent contraception.

Amit was born to a poor family in Uttar Pradesh, the most populous of India’s 28 states. Life is very difficult for many here, and Amit’s was no exception—he had already moved several times in search of a job before deciding to open a tea shop. With only a modest income, Amit and his wife worried about having more children.

But Amit recalled a frequent customer at his shop, who worked at a nearby health clinic and spoke often about family planning. The customer was a nurse for EngenderHealth’s RESPOND Project, which partners with local governments around the world to improve and expand access to quality contraceptive services. When Amit asked her for advice, the nurse counseled him on various family planning methods, including NSV.

Pioneered by EngenderHealth, NSV is a 10-to-20-minute procedure that is less invasive than traditional vasectomy and has fewer risks. EngenderHealth supports the governments of Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand states to increase access to NSV services.

Amit worried that the procedure might cause side effects that would impact his sex life, but the nurse reassured him about the safety of the procedure. Following a discussion with his wife that evening, Amit scheduled an appointment for NSV.

“This was the biggest turnaround in my life,” Amit said in the weeks after undergoing the procedure. “My outlook on life has changed, as I no longer worry about the future. I can focus all of my strength on giving my daughters a good education and a happy, fulfilling life.”

He also confirmed that his reservations about side effects were unfounded and that his new peace of mind exceeded his expectations.

“My life became smoother than it ever was before,” Amit said. “It has ushered so much happiness into my family that I never imagined was possible.”

Today, he continues to share his experience with others, encouraging them to consider NSV for family planning.

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