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Mozambique has in many ways transformed since the end of a civil war in 1992.  Its economy in particular has improved, yet its health system still lags.  Maternal mortality rates are high, and 12 percent of adults are HIV-positive. Efforts to mitigate the epidemic’s impact on women in particular are a national priority, as are improving maternal health outcomes.  It is within this context that EngenderHealth’s work in Mozambique included:

Involving Men As Partners® (MAP)
In 2008, with funding from the President 's Emergency Fund for AIDS Relief, EngenderHealth launched MAP in Mozambique.

Making Motherhood Safer

In Mozambique, EngenderHealth partnered with UNFPA to improve services for women with obstetric fistula, which results from obstructed labor and lack of appropriate maternal health care. EngenderHealth and UNFPA surveyed the country to document existing fistula repair services, and made recommendations to guide appropriate interventions for tackling obstetric fistula nationwide.

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