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Women & girls need a range of #contraceptive options to choose what works best for their bodies, their families & their futures. #WCD2018 @FP2020Global

@HarvardPGSSC Team together with @DrRomanzi at @theG4Alliance #UNGA  event, advocating for safe and affordable surgical, obstetric, and anesthesia care. @fistulacare @EngenderHealth

YES! This vintage ad from 1995 Mexico promotes the many #familyplanning options to choose from! #TBT #WheresTheFP

•Let's acknowledge the link between the #GlobalGoals, equality for women, and peace #WheresTheFP

As 73rd session of #UNGA kicks off, a #TBT to the 8th session when Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit became the 1st woman @UN_PGA.

65 years later today, @mfespinosaEC became the 4th woman to hold this important position.

Is the world getting healthier? More prosperous? More equal? Test your knowledge with the #Goalkeepers18 quiz. https://t.co/UGbaUn9U8e

We will be bringing the voices of women and girls to the global forum on top priorities and solutions to advance the #GlobalGoals.

Find UN Women's #UNGA events here: https://t.co/LkdnV8da03

New #familyplanning resource: See how planning programs affect development across sectors. Click to read more about the FP-SDG Model: https://t.co/kNe62hSCu9

EngenderHealth Uganda featured in @WhatWomenWantHC blogpost series https://t.co/KNKn0TgElU @MsMagazine

Wise words from our #WCW , the fabulous @jk_rowling! Take power into your own hands & advocate for #ReproHealth: https://t.co/vPrn5at4Hd #WheresTheFP

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Guinea-Bissau, a small, agrarian Lusophone West African nation sandwiched between Francophone Senegal and Guinea, is one of the ten poorest countries in the world. The ethnically diverse country depends on fishing and farming, with rice and cashews as its main crops. The need for well-trained health care providers is great. Indeed, skilled personnel attend only one third of births. To address this situation, since 2003 Guinea-Bissau is one of 21 West Africa nations which participated in the AWARE-RH project, led by EngenderHealth.

Promoting Safe Motherhood
Through the AWARE-RH project, funded by USAID, EngenderHealth:

  • Conducted a needs assessment to determine gaps in reproductive health care;
  • Trained ten physicians and two midwives at regional hospitals in infection prevention, family planning, and management of postabortion complications;
  • Helped integrate postabortion care into routine maternal health care services;
  • Sponsored a regional workshop on intrauterine devices (IUDs) in 2006 attended by three participants from Guinea-Bissau.

EngenderHealth’s work in Guinea-Bissau ended in 2008.

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