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April 11, 2016News Blog Post

How Choice Brings Opportunity

By Ulla E. Müller, President and CEO, EngenderHealth

Can you imagine what it would be like if each woman and girl had the opportunity to choose her future and fulfill her full potential? Read more.

April 6, 2016News Blog Post

Empowering Women and Men to Prevent Violence and Promote Health Together

EngenderHealth and GreeneWorks highlighted a new generation of gender-synchronized programs that are engaging both women and men, girls and boys to challenge inequitable gender norms. Read more.

March 1, 2016News Blog Post

Welcoming Our New CEO, Ulla E. Müller

CEO and President, EngenderHealth

Ulla E. Müller, incoming CEO and President, describes the inspirations and experience that have strengthened her work for women around the world. Read more.

February 1, 2016News Blog Post

Guaranteeing Rights at ICFP 2016

Written by Lauren Bellhouse, MPH — Program Associate, Fistula Care Plus, EngenderHealth

The connection between sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and maternal health, as well as their effects on women’s lives, cannot be overstated. Research shows up to a third of maternal injuries and deaths are preventable when women have access to contraception.[1] By meeting the unmet need for family planning, an estimated 1.1 million infant deaths could be prevented.[2] Alongside these critical health benefits, enabling women to delay childbirth and avoid unwanted pregnancies empowers them to decide what their own futures hold. From January 25-28, 2016, delegates from international governments, UN agencies, and NGOs including EngenderHealth gathered in Nusa Dua, Indonesia for the International Conference on Family Planning to discuss bridging these gaps and addressing unmet need for family planning. Read more.

January 28, 2016News Blog Post

“At your age, you can’t access that!”

Training providers to offer youth-friendly sexual and reproductive health services

After being trained by the AgirPF project, clinic staff understood the responsibility to provide equitable and high-quality sexual and reproductive health services for youth and adolescents. Read more.

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