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Election 2012 and Women’s Reproductive Health: Where Do the Candidates Stand?

While the economy has dominated most of the presidential campaign, the ballots cast on November 6 will decide more than just jobs--they will impact women's health and rights, including their reproductive choices, equality, and access to contraception and health care.

With Election Day just a couple of weeks away, we've pulled together a handful of online resources on women's issues in the presidential race, including where the candidates stand on issues that impact women's health both in the United States and abroad:

  • CNN's 2012 Election Center summarizes the candidates' positions on a woman's right to abortion.
  • Glamour Magazine outlines where President Obama and Governor Romney stand on young women's top three issues, including reproductive rights.
  • In addition to explaining the candidates' positions on abortion and birth control, The Associated Press offers an analysis on why the issues matter.
  • A USA Today/Gallup poll surveyed registered voters in 12 states on the most important women's issues.

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