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Global Symposium on Engaging Men and Boys in Gender Equality

Last week, 450 thought leaders, policy makers, diplomats, and academics from more than 70 countries assembled in Rio de Janeiro for the Global Symposium on Engaging Men and Boys in Gender Equality. Co-hosted by MenEngage, which is co-directed by EngenderHealth staff member Andrew Levack, the conference was the biggest-ever gathering of the leaders of this growing movement.

The symposium builds on momentum garnered by EngenderHealth’s Men As Partners® program—the largest and most ambitious program mobilizing men to take an active stand for gender equality and health. With the goal of increasing men’s and boys’ participation in promoting gender equality, sexual health, and the prevention of violence against women, the conference participants shared ways to expand programs and sustain long-term impact.

Another priority for the attendees was furthering advocacy efforts, making the case that engaging men and boys is important and transforms social norms. Participants developed a “Call to Action” to promote men’s involvement in realizing gender equality worldwide.

Several EngenderHealth staff members attended the conference and led sessions on the following topics:

  • Men and Sexual and Reproductive Health
  • Men, Masculinities, and HIV and AIDS
  • Engaging Men and Boys in Clinic and Social Service Settings
  • Aligning Gender Strategies: Engaging Young Women and Men to Achieve Gender Equality

For more information, read the daily blogs posted by EngenderHealth staff members who attended the symposium.

Learn more about MenEngage and EngenderHealth’s Men As Partners® program.

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