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Evidence-based #SelfCare can support governments to achieve #UHC.

Join @PATHtweets @EngenderHealth & @SFHNigeria for “Self-Care & UHC: How self-care can help leave no one behind,” moderated by our #SRHR Director @MalayahHa.

Series & session registration: http://bit.ly/SelfCare-UHC

Yes, and resilient #healthsystems need oxygen & other surgery-related supplies and devices. Surgical systems strengthening = health systems strengthening. #SurgeryUHC @PATHtweets @theG4Alliance @HarvardPGSSC @Mattt_Hey @EngenderHealth #globalsurgery https://twitter.com/theGFF/status/1421164976249712641

Am proud to have been nominated by @AYTTanzania 2021 awards as an Outstanding Youth in SDGs, and my project Her Story Our Action funded by @WomenDeliver through @YouthDeliver, hosted by @EngenderHealth as a leading youth program of the year. Please vote for me through below link

There are so many links between #SRHR and #EducationForAll, including the critical need to end #FGM. Thank you @DominicRaab and Raychelle Omamo for this important piece. @EngenderHealth @OrchidProject https://twitter.com/grethepetersen/status/1420868613901361152

Tous les jeunes devraient pouvoir poursuivre la carrière de leur choix! Voici quelques femmes inspirantes qui travaillent avec l’équipe de EngenderHealth au Burkina Faso pour éliminer les obstacles liés au genre dans leurs professions. 🙌👏

To reach #UHC2030, we need every idea on the table for transforming health systems and markets to advance people-centered primary health care—including #selfcare! Join @FinancingAllian
@PATHtweets @EngenderHealth & @SFHNigeria to learn more on 3 Aug! https://discoverselfcare.community.tc/t/2021/events/self-care-and-uhc-how-self-care-can-help-leave-no-one-behind-rwe9s8x3s9m1Pno9QcDUa8

On August 3, join @EngenderHealth, @SFHNigeria, and @PATHtweets for "Self-Care and UHC: How Self-Care Can Help Leave No One Behind."

Register for the Self Care Learning and Discovery Series to attend the webinar! ➡️ http://discoverselfcare.community.tc/

To reach #UHC2030, we need every idea on the table for transforming health systems and markets to advance people-centered primary health care—including #selfcare. Join @PATHtweets @EngenderHealth & @SFHNigeria to learn more on 3 Aug!➡️https://discoverselfcare.community.tc/t/2021/events/self-care-and-uhc-how-self-care-can-help-leave-no-one-behind-rwe9s8x3s9m1Pno9QcDUa8

Congratulations, @JSIhealth, @WorldEd, and @MargaretCrotty! We at @EngenderHealth appreciate our partnerships to date and look forward to more, as we engage on #health and #education, and the intersection of the two. https://twitter.com/JSIhealth/status/1420443988285399040

Join us for the @EngenderHealth + @CHOICEforYouth webinar on meaningful youth participation on Aug 11th! Register here: https://engenderhealth.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZckd-mvqT8rG9E9kYXghEAvBs0bc2XrlCPp #AYSRHR

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Donor Privacy Policy

This Donor Privacy Policy describes the ways in which EngenderHealth gathers and uses information from or about you.

By donating to on this website, engenderhealth.org, you agree that your interactions with us are governed by this Privacy Policy and our website Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. If you do not agree to these policies and terms, please do not use these donation forms.

We may update this Privacy Policy in order to maintain compliance with applicable law or to reflect changes to our internal practices. You may not be directly notified of any such changes but can check the “Last Updated” date at the beginning of this Policy to determine if any material changes have occurred. Your continued use of this site after any changes to this Privacy Policy are in effect constitutes your acceptance of the revised Privacy Policy.

Information Collected

EngenderHealth collects information about you via our website, through the mail, by phone including mobile devices, or in person (such as at an event). This information may be information that you directly provide to us, such as information you provide while donating, or information that is passively or automatically collected, such as information collected from your browser or device.

The types of donor information that we collect and maintain when provided by you are:

  • contact information: name, organization/company, complete address, phone number, email address
  • donation information: amounts donated, date of donation(s), method and stimulus
  • your requests and comments
  • survey responses

This information is used for communications with you, for financial record keeping and reporting and for marketing purposes to raise awareness of EngenderHealth and our mission.

EngenderHealth’s website also gathers information that does not directly identify you, such as how many hits each EngenderHealth website page receives, and if the visitor is repeat or new. This requires that a ‘cookie’ be sent to your web browser. We use website statistics to analyze our website usage. More information about how cookies are used on our website can be viewed in our Terms of Use.

Credit card numbers are NOT retained once processed.

How Information is Used

EngenderHealth uses your data to maintain records of donations, send acknowledgements, mail year-end tax statements to you, send newsletters, notices, direct mail pieces, and for marketing purposes.

EngenderHealth works with vendors who provide services such as software to store and maintain a backup of our donor database and other, often administrative services. We may provide such third parties with encrypted donor information in order for them to provide their service to us. We limit such service providers to using donor information, including financial information that is shared with them solely for the purpose of providing such services and in full confidentiality. The vendors do not have access to the content of our donor files and are contractually prohibited from transferring information elsewhere. Although EngenderHealth has chosen vendors with a reputation for security, we are not responsible for their security.

Upon communicating with EngenderHealth by mail or email, your contact information is added to our mailing list, unless otherwise requested through one of the means below. Your contact information is not automatically stored by a mere visit to our website.

EngenderHealth is reliant on support from the community to grow our donor base and replace attrition. From time-to-time, EngenderHealth participates in exchanges of supporter or donor information with like-minded organizations and shares or rents such information with the service providers that facilitate such exchanges.

Requesting Removal from Our List

Supporters or donors who wish to be removed from our mailing list, who wish to only receive limited amounts of communication (e.g. only annually or only or newsletter, etc.), or who do not wish their information to be shared can opt-out by checking a box on the donation form or by contacting us:

Email: development@engenderhealth.org

Phone: (202) 902-2022

Attn: Development
505 9th Street NW, Suite 601
Washington, DC 20004

EngenderHealth DOES NOT list individual donor names in ANY of our publications without express permission to do so. Corporate and Foundation supporters may be listed in our Annual Report and event programs, unless otherwise requested. We use your written comments/letters occasionally to post on our website (in an anonymous fashion, unless otherwise permitted), and to respond to your inquiries. Donations over 2% of our entire budget must be reported on IRS Form 990, Schedule B.

Updated October 14, 2020

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