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Is Islam Misogynistic?

“It is not difficult to tackle reproductive health questions in a Muslim-majority country. It all depends on the approach you take.”
—Dr. Sita Millimono, Program Officer for EngenderHealth, Guinea

Religion does not have to be an obstacle to advancing women’s health and rights. In fact, we’ve partnered with many committed Muslim leaders who are leading the way in their communities to raise awareness about sensitive sexual and reproductive health issues—because they know it is the key to health and well-being in their communities.

Our View from the Ground

Based in EngenderHealth’s Guinea office, Dr. Sita Millimono shares her own experience working in a Muslim country.
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Nearly 50%

The decline in the total fertility rate from 1974 (5.3 lifetime births per woman) to today (2.7) in Bangladesh, a country that is nearly 90% Muslim. This positive indicator of improvements in women’s health is mirrored by maternal death rates, which (while still unacceptably high) have also fallen by half since the 1970s.
Source: Bangladesh Demographic and Health Surveys 2007 (PDF, 2.7MB)