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Why Do Women Die in Childbirth?

“My mother was 37 years old when she died from pregnancy-related complications. Almost fifty years later, countless African women are still dying from the same causes.”
—Grace Lusiola, Project Director, Tanzania, EngenderHealth

A number of factors contributed to Prudence Lemokouno’s needless death. One of them was the unacceptable, contemptible behavior by the staff at the Cameroonian hospital to which she was taken. Training hospital and clinic staff in providing high-quality care is a hallmark of EngenderHealth, and in so doing we help ensure that every client is treated with respect and that health professionals act swiftly and practice compassionate, evidence-based medicine. It's not only the right thing to do—it saves lives.

Our View from the Ground

Photo of Grace Lusiola The Director of EngenderHealth’s program in Tanzania shares her personal story and why she dedicated her life to reducing the needless maternal deaths in her country.
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For every 10,000 people

in Cameroon, there are only two physicians.
Source: World Health Organization