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Rule by Rape

“I witnessed firsthand how the men changed in the way they spoke to me, in the way they speak to women now....It gave me hope: People can change.”
—Juliana Davids, gender advocate, South Africa

Educating women to know their rights and to understand that violence and rape are never acceptable will only go so far in changing patterns and attitudes that persist around the globe. As Kristof and WuDunn note, laws can help, but changing thinking is the biggest challenge. Except it is not just women’s thinking that needs to change—men’s attitudes and behaviors must shift, too.

Our View from the Ground

EngenderHealth gender activist Mogomotsi “Supreme” Mfalapitsa describes why gender-based violence is both endemic and persistent, as well as how his work with the Men As Partners® program is making life better for both men and women—one man at a time. You can also listen to one of Supreme's original songs about HIV.
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28% of men

in two provinces of South Africa reported that they had committed rape at least once, according to a recent study.
Source: South African Medical Research Council (PDF)