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Learning to Speak Up

“Fundamentally, it is a question of rights, and many young women are socialized to have little say over their own bodies and health.”
—Jane Wickstrom, Senior Manager, Family Planning and Reproductive Health, EngenderHealth

We must support and empower girls and women to find their voices—and champion women who take a stand in their communities. Speaking up is a powerful act that can be transformative, but the systemic gender discrimination that is deeply entrenched in cultures and societies makes it challenging—if not impossible—to do so. It is therefore up to us all, not just girls and women, to change the underlying factors that perpetuate discrimination and violence against women.

Our View from the Ground

Photo of Jane Wickstrom EngenderHealth expert Jane Wickstrom speaks about a partnership among EngenderHealth, CARE, and local organizations in Nepal to help married adolescents learn to speak up.
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1 in 3 women

The number of women who have been ‘beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused’ in their lifetime, most often by someone they know
Source: UNIFEM